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Animals are a very important part of my life! They are a great out let for angst and stress!


Full name : Iris Rzeznik
I love Iris more than anything in my life! She is the prettiest/sexyiest cat ever! I will love her all my life! She always loves to cuddle (when she is not acting stuck up), and when I take her outside she walks around with me, and purrs alot. She always, everynight, sleeps with me, and follows me wherever I go....I'd take her to school if I had my way!

I will eventually have a picture of her up here


Stormy tends to be the Psycho of the family... He is getting kinda old now in his days, but he is a great cat! with unexpected attacking and many many scratches, I really learned to love this cat! He was one of my first cats....

A cat; Actual size=240 pixels wide


Dutch is a classic beauty!



I'll just come right out and say it...this dog is a pain in the ass! RUFFF RUUFFF RUFFFF!!!