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         all Around Funny guy


            Hey He's Cute and He's Funny!  Check Out his Pics in here and a short Bio! 

             click here for some pics

            Click here for some Hal Quotes

Hal's full name is Hal Magee Sparks III.
He was born on  September 25, 1971.
He is  5'8" , weighs: 150lbs.
He has Beautiful  Brown eyes and hair.
Scary how we know these things:  29 inch waist and 32 inch inseam.
Hal was raised in Peaks Mill, KY.
At age 14 he moved to Chicago and attended New Trier High School.
16 days after graduating he Drove to California....he's so funny he Won the "Funniest Teenager in Chicago"
contest in 1987!
He is 1/2 Cherokee!
He is a big KISS fan. He bought his first KISS album when he was 5
Hal has studied martial arts for most of his life (ex: Kung Fu San Soo).
Hal is currently working on a comedy album and a musical one
Some films he has been in are: Lost and Found, Signs and Wonders, Chopper Chicks in Zombietown, and Phil's Diner
His TV appearances include: Talk Soup, Dr. Quinn, Nightstand, and Lois & Clark.
Hal likes intelligence and consistency of character in a woman*
His all time favorite tv shows are Monty Python's Flying Circus, Black Adder, Fawlty Towers .His all time
favorite movies are Bladerunner, Fletch, Dead Men Don't Wear Plaid, The Man with 2 Brains* . Hal prefers cats over dogs
His favorite color is blue* .
Hal's favorite sketch is the GAPP commercial.
His top 3 rants are: Nutrition, Religion and motivation.
Hal does not eat beef, he thinks chicken's ok.
He cosiders himself a fish and tofu man.
He did not watch tv for the first time
until he was 15, after he moved to Chicago.
Before that he listened to old radio and comedy albums.
He considers himself a doer
and not a talkative person, except on tv.