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About Me- Savannah

My friends call me Savy. I live in New York. I have plans for going to Buffalo University to take courses in Visual Arts, and Media and Communications. A future carrer awaits me in Burlington, at 99.9 The Buzz.

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I've grown up in New York and soon enough I will be out of here. I have been out of state to:North Carolina, Florida, Chicago, New Hampshire, Vermont, South Carolina, Virginia,maine, Massachussts ... I will one day go to Ireland, and meet my blood. Because I'm Irish thick and thin.. I usually am wearing a choker of some sort, wether it be spikes or studs....Sometimes I wear earings, I have a pair of little silver hoops I like to wear sometimes. I wear a black opal ring and a regular diamond (6 diamonds on the band). My wordrobe is unique and nice..Some days I wear colours.. I am very fond of my NIN Halo 8 shirt, and my black nylon pants from Hot topic. And all the beasty animal print bra's..hehhe and accesories to match!! My hair is getting long again so I am wearing it down, letting it curl how it wants to.

Me, just waking up.....

I used to really like my High School, but there are so many Immature people that its hard to get along there. Which is why I keep to myself and do what I'm supposed to. I'm a pretty good student.

Name: Savannah L. Ashley

Nick Names: Savy, Vannah, Doll, Dizzy , Reptilian

Birthday: January 28

Status: in love

Eyes: Brown

Hair: Dirty Blonde

Favorite Colour: Black, red and blue , pink

Favorite Book: Interview w/ the Vampire

Favorite Movie: Million Dollar Hotel

Favorite Song: Too Many too say.

First Cd I owned: Aerosmith's "Get a Grip"

Hobbies: Computers, Singing , poetry

Favorite Show: Friends and Scrubs , Daily Show w/ John Stewart.,QAF,
 Chris Isaak Show.

Animals: Iris Rzeznik- my baby 

Magazines: Circus, Metal Edge, Guitar, National
Geo., Irish Times, Paper.

Foods: Salad, pasta, cheese

Drinks: Water, Coca-cola

Fruit: Lemons, Strawberries. Cherries. Grapes.

Fav. Names: Liam, Angel, Caleb , Gale

Favorite Actors:  Randy Harrison, Gale Harold, Hal Sparks, Bruce Willis

Favorite Actres: Meg Ryan

Favorite Radio Station: 99.9 the buzz

People that Piss me off:  Preps, Barbie's and Clowns.

Things that scare me: Clowns. Nightmares. easter bunny.

Favorite Words: Pinion, Sanctified.
Dream men:  Found him.


My dream man....