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Whats Goin On- My news

4/09/02- Gutterflower hits shefs today! And as of 9:00 when it does, the first copy is mine baby!!        

4/19/02- Now all northeast kingdome is being threatened...Dont go into the banks you might get blown to smither-eeens! ****you

4/20/02-      6:41 am ...we have an earthquake and 2 really shakey aftermaths... Was quite an experience...Can I do it agaiN!!

 4/20/02 -7:30 I found in interest in Hal Sparks! Hey why not? and that cute guy I've had my eye on

 4/21/02- 3:00pm    Finally I got to sleep in today for once on my spring break! Last night was a long night. It was nice not to wake up shaking in bed like yesterday. I am in shock about what Brian pulled on Michael. Poor Mikey.

4/26/02- 9:39pm    Hey you guys know what? love is beasty!

5/3/02- 10:36pm   Things at school are too fricken complicated. Yes thats right, I am complaining! I am bitching!  Its gotten really disgusting here. In Saranac. People are pissing all over the seats in the girls bathroom and shitting on the floor... Even writing w/ blood on the walls... its so unsanitary and no one will do anything about it. And No I dont want to go in the bathrooms but I dont wanna give my self a uti holding my blatter that long. And I shouldnt have to.  If thats the way they're gonna be I'll piss all over their damn sick ass school. Bet they'll love that! Someone even Shit on a napkin the other day and stuck it in the water fountian. And the friken Prices at the Cafe are rediculous... They charge us $1.50 for a pretzel , that is minus the cheeze.. They're all fricken Nutz!  I'm just completely pissed off right now.

5/5/02- 5:21pm  I'm having a hard time getting someone out of my head today. I'm not sure why... But its hard to put things past me right now. Like being able to talk to someone every day for as long as I want, then they arent there anymore. Oh well... follow the leader down swallow your pride and drown... Maybe I have alot of feelings for this person... and they know it. I know they do I've told him again and again.... Whenever I hear "Seein Red"  He comes to mind... All I wanna hear is his voice.... and its like, I have a boyfriend.. but I want to break up with him because my feelings for this other person are extremely strong, and I've known him longer...But he has a girlfriend now.  Holy Cheese beans why am I telling you this??

5/29/02  5:39pm       

                  Sorry you guys. Brian to answer your question, yeah I felt like being a prick today! I'm under stress man, back off.  I havent had my puter up and running, I'm in the process of moving. Caleb I miss you. Sorry I havent written. Kisses

6/1/02  7:15pm      

                       Its June Finally.. Could it have took alittle longer? But you cant speed up time can you? Well just unpacking..getting settled.. Surfin. I got around to get the new Chris Isaak cd. How unlike me is that? Chris Isaak... Shotime has brainwashed me! damn hal Sparks and Gale Harold... Satellites all hooked up... Computers all set up... but my bed...that is another story.. How can I fit so much Junk into such a small room?! yet how do I fit so much junk on such a small harddrive! Well ...

6/7/02 10:30pm   

                 Sorry Brian. Didnt mean to be such a Prick to you. Still love me? I thought so.  Wow you guys I talked to Caleb tonight for a change! This webpage so totally sucks, have you noticed? 7 more days then school is over! TG!        

6/9/02 1:37pm

                 Its been a lovely day so far, aside from not sleeping well lastnight.  Its about 80* outside, finally starting to feel like summer a bit! We bought a beautiful tree today...the fun part was getting it home, in the car...its already about 3 feet tall... that was fun... hehhe take care and have fun. bye bye oh yeah and over the last week wallmart got a bombthreat and Our Hotel Comfort Inn was held up!

 6/21/02   1:08 pm

           It is a beautiful day ! At least 85 out there! and cool in here! I am off to look for a job! I am so enjoying my summer so far! Its great being able to sleep in! I'll be adding updates to my computer alot more now.... Yeah I know it sucks... its cuz it personal , isnt it? Too Bad I like my sucky webpage!