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"Truth Or Dare"

Truth Or Dare by Teri
Rated NC-17
Disclaimer-  I don't won any of the characters from
QAF.  this is for no profit, only fun.
Archive- Always and ATP.  Anyone else, please ask.
Summary- This is in answer to my fukfest challenge.
It does not follow the show's history at all, I've
twisted everything to suit my own purposes.
Id like to thank those on the B/M list for their help
on the terminology, and Xof for the inspiration for
one of the dares and the wonderful beta job.

Challenge Number 7: Takes place when Brian and Michael
are teenagers. Brian spends the night at Mikeys
house. Deb is working late and Brian lights up a
joint. Brian is high and bored and decides that he and
Mikey should play "Truth or Dare." Secrets are
revealed. Hidden desires surface. Inhibitions are
lowered as the pot takes affect. And Brian always
thinks up the naughtiest dares. Let your imagination
run wild. What shocking secrets do they tell each
other? What do they do for dares? What happens when
Deb comes home? (Farrah)

Arent we getting a bit old for sleepovers, Bri?
Michael asked as his friend threw his backpack on the
floor next to the dresser.

Never too old for a sleepover, Mikey, Brian leered.
Well, maybe when were thirty and dead, but we got a
long way to go before then.  Besides, who else would I
want to sleep with except you?

Michael sighed.  Every other guy in school.

Brian laughed at his friends innocence.  How could
Mikey be so clueless?  No, Mikey, I dont want to
sleep with them, just fuck em.  He grinned at the
blush staining the pale cheeks.  Youre so pathetic.

Am not, Michael retorted.  Brian just smiled

Anyway, Michael said, changing the subject,  what
do you want to do?  Watch a movie?

Whatever, Brian replied casually, knowing that
Michael was likely to put in a Star Wars flick as
anything else.  Sure enough, they were soon lost in
the adventures of Luke and Han.

Wheres your mom? Brian asked when they had paused
the tape to go downstairs and get some munchies.

Shes pulling another double shift at the diner.  A
frown passed over Michaels face.  I think shes
working too hard, Bri.  Im worried about her.

Shell be alright, Mikey.  She just wants to take
care of you.

I know, Michael sighed.  I just wish she had
someone to take care of her, yknow?  Someone to love

Thats what she has you for, silly.  Brian rubbed
Michaels short dark hair.  Its what we all have you
for, he added in a soft voice. 

Michael looked up in wonder at Brian, but the moment
passed.  Im bored, Brian whined.  Lets do
something fun.

Like what?

Ive got something upstairs in my backpack that I was
saving as a surprise.  Wanna go get it?

Michael flashed a blinding smile.  Yeah!  Whadja get,
Bri?  The new Captain Astro?  He ran upstairs to his
room.  Brian followed.

Something much better than that, my friend, Brian
giggled, as he produced a joint.

We cant smoke that in here!  Michael panicked.  Ma
will know!  Shell have our hides nailed to the wall!

Relax, Mikey!  Brian went and opened the window.
She wont have a clue.

I dont know about this.   He watched Brian light
the tip and inhale.

Cmon, Mikey, live a little.

Michael could never resist Brian.  He sat down next to
the one love of his life, willing to do anything he
asked.  Taking the pot, he inhaled deeply.  A slow
warmth seeped through his body.

Better? Brian asked.


Brian took another drag.  We need some music.
Michael went over to his radio and fiddled with the
tuner.  Soon the heavy metal sounds of Metallica were
reverberating through the air.

Michael turned to be faced with Brians evil grin.  He
knew that smile; it always preceded horrible things
that ended up getting Michael in trouble.  What are
you planning, Brian?

Nothing, Brian innocently answered.  I just thought
maybe we could play a game.

What kind of game?

Brian laughed at the suspicion in Michaels voice.
How about Truth or Dare? he suggested with a wicked

Nuh uh...No way... Michael shook his head
vehemently.  Never...Im not going to play that
stupid game with you.  I remember Troys birthday
party.  Im gonna end up doing something really bad
and getting into a ton of trouble for it.

Now, you cant blame that on me! Brian declared,
laughing.  I had nothing to do with you having to
strip and climb up on the roof with that bullhorn!

You didnt stop it either!

Brian was still chuckling at the memory of Michael,
bare-assed, on the roof, singing the high school fight
song into one of the cheerleaders bullhorns.  Of
course, at the time, Brian hadnt been laughing; hed
been trying to hide the raging woody he had developed.
Just the mental image had blood surging south, even

What if I promise to be good? pleaded Brian.  Then
will you play with me?

Michaels brain  crashed. Play with Brian?  Oh god,
how he wanted to play with him, but not some stupid
game!  Of course, hed never admit that to Brian.
Okay, fine, he heard himself answer before he could
stop the words.

Cool!  Brian settled himself directly across from
Michael, on the bed.  Both boys sat indian style,
facing each other.  Here.  Brian passed the joint to
Michael, who took a deep drag.  I go first, Brian
decreed.  Michael shrugged.

Truth or dare, Mikey?

Michael closed his eyes, thinking.  If he picked
truth, Brian would ask him something really
embarrassing, he knew it.  But if he picked dare,
there was no telling what Brians sick, twisted mind
would come up with.  He felt like a mouse in a trap.


Are you going to prom?  Michael frowned at the
seemingly innocent question; not what he was
expecting, thats for sure.

Im not sure yet.

Well, who are you going to ask, if you go?  Brian
grinned, waiting for Michael to object.

Hey! Michel exclaimed.  You cant go again!  Its
my turn!

Brian put the blunt between his lips and inhaled
deeply.  My game, my rules.  So who you gonna ask?

Michaels eyes slid from Brians and he held out his
hand for the smoke.  After a puff, he answered.  Ill
probably ask Paula.

MikeyMikey Brian shook his head, Im so
disappointed.  I thought I taught you better than
that.  Why dont you ask Robert?  I know you lust
after him.

I do not, Michael whispered, a blush staining his

Brian decided to drop the subject, for now.  The
thought of Mikey and Robert together didnt sit to
well with him.  Your turn.

Truth or dare, Bri.

Truth.  Brian knew that Michael wouldnt ask
anything bad.  It just wasnt in him.

Michael thought a bit.  He needed to make it good, or
else Brian would walk all over him in this game.  But
his mind was blank, so he reversed Brians question
back on him.  Who are you going to take to prom?

Who says Im going?  Michael stared him down.
Okay, okay, truth? Brian gave in,  he could never
refuse those dark eyes anything.  Michael nodded.  I
probably wont ask anyone, because I know that the
person I want to take wont go with me.

Michael couldnt imagine anyone in his or her right
mind turning Brian down.  Who is it?

Its not your turn, Brian reminded him.

You made the rules; Im just following them, Michael
retorted.  Answer the question.


Michael had been inhaling when Brian whispered his
answer and started choking.  His eyes flew to Brians.

Well, who else, idiot?  Youre my best friend!
Brian grabbed the joint from Michael and took a long

Oh, was all Michael could say.

My turn, truth or dare, Mikey.

I dont know if I can handle another truth just yet,
so dare.

Brians smile was so wicked that Michael shuddered
with trepidation.  He reached for the weed, but Brian
shook his head.  Its all gone.

Shit! Was Michaels response.  He sat, waiting for
whatever Brian was going to dish out.

You have to jerk off.

Michael smiled.  No big deal.  Thats nothing I
havent done almost everyday of my life.  He started
to get up to go into the bathroom.

In front of me.  Brian smiled at Michaels
expression.  But he wasnt going to change the dare
just because Michael was shy.  Ever since they were
fourteen and Deb had interrupted them, Brian had been
haunted by the thought of watching Michael come.  It
was his favorite fantasy- well, one of them anyway.

Michael stared at Brian.  I cant, he squeaked.

Sure you can.

Michael took a deep breath and sat back down on the
bed, resigned to his fate.  Can I lie down?

Brian shrugged.  Whatever.

Michael reclined on the bed, and Brian scooted over,
lying flush against his side.  I have to be able to
see, he explained at Michaels questioning look.  Go

Michael locked his eyes on Brian as he slowly popped
open the buttons on his jeans.  He slid them a little
way off his hips so he could have more access. 

Brian eyes followed Michaels progress.  When
Michaels rigid shaft was revealed, Brian
unconsciously licked his lips.  When Michael moved to
take himself in hand, Brian said, Wait!  Michael
arched an eyebrow.  I want to look at it, Brian

Michael lay still under Brians scrutiny.  God,
Mikeyits beautiful.  Michael blushed a deeper shade
of red.  Well, get to it, Brian whispered.

Michael took a deep breath and wrapped his fingers
around his cock.  Slowly he started stroking.  Brian
slid Michaels shirt up.  Wouldnt want you to mess
it up, he whispered. 

Michael felt like the whole side of his body was on
fire.  Brian was plastered against him, caressing his
stomach, while watching his hand move a bit faster.

Mikey, I need to see you come, Brian murmured.
Michael stroked faster, his breath coming in short
gasps.  Brians voice was going to send him over the

Thats it, Mikey...faster...  Michaels hand was a
blur of motion as his hips rocked upwards. 

Im gonna come... he breathed. 

Brian felt Michaels whole body tense.  Come on,
Mikey, Brian pleaded.  His own erection was straining
against his pants, but for now he ignored it.  He
watched Michaels face now.  The dark eyes were rolled
back, luscious lips parted, tongue flicking out
occasionally to wet dry lips.  Michaels chest was
heaving as he gasped for breath. 

Suddenly Michael shouted, his body rigid as he
erupted. Shuddering, his seed spurted onto his chest,
as white-hot light exploded behind his eyelids.  Brian
kept watching him, memorizing everything.

Michael came down from the ecstatic heights he had
reached.  Never before had it been so powerful.  He
had a feeling it was because Brian was there.  As his
heart rate slowed, Brian smiled at him.

That was amazing, Mikey.  He trailed one finger
through the fluid on Michaels chest and not taking
his eyes from the dark ones fixed on him, he sucked
the finger into his mouth.  Michael moaned at the
erotic sight.

Brian couldnt help it.  He leaned over Michael and
kissed him, seeking entrance with his tongue.  Let me
in, Mikey, he murmured against Michaels mouth. 

Michaels lips parted, and Brians tongue darted in,
rubbing against its mate to share the taste it had so
recently acquired.  Michael moaned again, his arms
coming up to wrap around Brian.  They both lost
themselves in the kiss, not able to tear themselves
away from each other, until finally, with Brian, lying
almost fully on top of Michael, lifted his head,
gazing deep into Michaels eyes, whispered, Damn,
Mikey, whered you learn to kiss?

Is that another turn? Michael grinned.

Brian shook his head.  Its your turn.

Truth or dare?

Truth, Brian answered.

Michaels head felt funny from the combined effects of
pot and orgasm.  Do you love me?  He waited, holding
his breath, for the answer.

Can I change it to a dare? Brian asked with a grin.
Cant blame a guy for trying, he laughed when
Michael shook his head.

Brians expression turned serious as he looked at the
hope shining in Michaels luminous eyes.  If he told
the truth, he might lose Michaels friendship forever,
and if he lied...

So instead of answering, he lowered his head again and
captured Michaels lips in a searing, possessive,
primal kiss.

Was that your answer? Michael asked after Brian
pulled away.

Its all the answer I can give right now.

Michael nodded.  And thats truth.

Yes.  The smile Michael gave Brian made him sigh.
There was nothing quite like it.  It warmed you from
the top of your head to the tip of your toes, and made
your heart sing. 

Brian sat up, pulling Michael with him.  Truth or

Im getting tired of that question, Bri.

Come on, I dare you!

Fine, Michael pouted.  He thought hard about his

Its just a game, Mikey, not life or death, Brian

Okay!  Dare! Michael slapped his hands over his
mouth, his eyes wide in terror.  Truth!  I meant to
say truth!

Too late! Brian crowed.  Okay, heres your dare.
Everybody has a spot.  You know, a certain place
that when its touched or rubbed or kissed, he
waggled his eyebrows at that one, it drives them
absolutely crazy. Well, you have to find mine.

Michael grinned.  Thats easy.  Its your dick.

Brian shook his head.  Nope.  He spread his arms
wide.  Guess you better get busy.

And just how am I supposed to do it? Michael asked

Let your fingers do the walkin, Novotny.

Michael gulped.  Is there any more pot?

Need a little courage, do you?  Brian reached into
his backpack and produced another joint and lit up.
Here. They passed it back and forth, until both were
floating in a drug induced haze.

Grinning idiotically, Brian giggled.  Time to get to
work, Mikey.

Michael smiled slightly.  Kay.

Michael started at Brians bare feet, trailing a
finger lightly over both soles.  Brian flinched.
Ticklish he explained.

Michael giggled. Thats not it then.  Cant get too
turned on if youre laughing too hard.

Youd be surprised, Brian said knowingly.

Im not gonna ask.  Michael worked his way up the
jean-clad legs.  This would probably be easier if you
took them off. 

Brian smiled as he shimmied out of the pants, then
threw his shirt aside.  Seeing his best friend in his
bed, wearing only a pair of black silk boxers, took
Michaels breath away.  He started up Brians legs
again, this time unhindered by clothing.  Reaching the
top of the muscled thighs, he remarked softly, Didnt
seem to do much for you.

Brian sighed, his eyes sliding shut.  Michael had no
idea the effect he was having on him.  When he came up
with this dare, the thought of having Michael touch
him everywhere was a total turn on.  But the reality
of it actually happening...well...Brian wasnt sure
who was being tortured the most.

Michaels hands moved up further, stroking right above
the waistline of the boxers and then sliding over
Brians abs.  Youve been working out, he observed.
I bet I could bounce a quarter of your stomach.  He
leaned forward from his position between Brians knees
and planted a soft kiss right above his belly button.

Oh god... Brian breathed.

Did I find it?  Michael asked, hoping that he
hadnt, not yet.

Nuh uh.  Keep going.

Michaels sensitive fingers continued upward, skimming
over the smooth chest, reaching flat nipples.  Arching
off the bed, Brian moaned when Michael pinched them
between his fingers, until they stood erect.  Michael
glanced down at the tent in Brians shorts, Theyre
not the only thing thats getting hard.

Michael! Brian gasped.

Did I discover your spot?

Nope, Brian answered in a harsh, needy voice.

Okay, well, I must be getting close.  Theres not
much of you left.  He kneaded the muscles in Brians
shoulders and when that garnered no unusual response,
he slid his hands down corded arms until they were
palm to palm. 

Not yet?

Brian, incapable of speech, just shook his head.

Still seeking the elusive spot, Michael let his
fingertips skim up Brians neck and over the lower
part of his face.  When a finger glided over his lips,
Brian nibbled on the soft pad, eliciting a soft moan
from Michael.

His fingers covered every inch of Brians face and
even outlined the shell of his ears, but Michael knew
he hadnt found it yet.  He whined in frustration.
Ive touched every inch of you and I dont think Ive
hit it because youre still pretty peaceful.  He
circled his hips into Brians.  Except there, he
added when Brian moaned.  I think you tricked me.

I didnt, Brian promised.  Youve missed something.
Think about it.

Michael rocked back on his heels, and let his eyes
make the same trip his hands had.  Do I need you to
roll over?  Is it on your back or your ass?  Brian
shook his head no.  Fuck!  I have no idea!

Think about it, Mikey, Brian encouraged. Think

He looked deep into Brians hazel eyes, the shaggy
bangs falling across his forehead providing the
perfect frame for them.  He smiled.

Leaning over, he spread himself completely atop
Brians body, then deliberately slid his hands into
Brians honey brown hair.

Brian moaned loudly, arching into Michaels touch much
like a cat, as Michael raked his fingers through the
soft mane.  Ahhh...god, Mikey...

I think I found it, Michael whispered against
Brians cheek.  A sigh of contentment was the only
answer he received.  Michael continued stroking
Brians silky locks.

Miiii-key, Brian moaned.  Please...kiss me...
Michael did,  holding Brians head and placing his
lips against his hair. 

Brian gasped.  Michaels mouth wandered over the top
of Brians head, traveling through his hair.  It was
the hottest thing hed ever felt, Michaels fingers
and lips sifting through it.  A familiar tenseness
took over as his body tightened. 

Michael pressed a knee between Brians legs as he
continued kissing his hair.  He could feel Brians
body preparing for his climax.  Putting his lips on
Michaels neck, Brian screamed against the pale skin
as he exploded.  Michael held him as he shuddered,
placing little kisses all over his face and finally
settling on the lush lips.  Brians body calmed a bit
and he smiled at Michael.  That was...

Yeah, Michael sighed.  

Brian, truth and dare.

Brians hazel eyes looked into Michaels chocolate
ones.  Truth AND dare?


Okay.  He couldnt say no; Michaels fingers were
still buried in his hair.

Would you fuck me?

The happy pot haze dissipated, just like that.  Brian
crashed back to earth. Mikey.

Just answer the question.  Please.

Brian wrapped his arms around Michaels waist and
rolled them over so he was on top.  He kissed
Michaels lips softly.  No, Im not going to.  At
Michaels hurt expression, he stroked his cheek and
formed his explanation in his mind.

Its not that I dont want to.  God, Mikey, I want
you more than anybody on the face of the earth.  But I
will not have our first time be while were high.  I
want you fully aware of everything thats going on.

Michaels eyes sparkled as if every star in the sky
had been placed in their depths.  So, what youre
saying is one day, you will?  Brian nodded.  And
thats truth?

And thats truth, Brian murmured before kissing
Michael breathless again.

Brian smiled as they parted.  Game over?


Brian snuggled up to his best friend, resting his head
on Michaels chest.  Of their own volition, Michaels
fingers weaved through Brians hair.  He smiled at
Brians sigh.

Ive got an idea, Brian said against Michaels skin.
When its time, for you and me, you find me, and use
this information, my spot and whisper truth or
dare in my ear.

Youre going to let me pick the time?  Michael was
just a bit frightened.  What if he didnt know when
the right time was? 

Mikey, you will know.  Youll know.  Brians voice
trailed off as he drifted into sleep.  Michael
followed shortly after.

Deb opened the door quietly, seeing two bodies on the
bed.  Brian was wound around Michael, his head
pillowed on Michaels chest and his hand down the
front of Michaels jeans.  Michael, even in sleep, had
one hand tangled in Brians hair, while the other one
rested just above Brians bare butt.

Taking a sniff, she smelled the unmistakable aroma of
the marijuana they had smoked.  A quick perusal of the
room showed everything intact.  She looked once again
at the two forms on the bed.  Hope their hearts are
too, she whispered.

Seventeen years later...

Pounding music and strobe lights surrounded the three
men standing at the bar.  Brian was busy teasing
Emmett and insulting Ted while he looked over
tonights crop of tricks.  He had recovered for the
most part from Justins defection.  Unfortunately,
Michael was not having an easy time of it with Bens
having left for Tibet.  He seemed to withdraw from
everyone.  Babylon just wasnt the same without his
Mikey.  He turned back to the bar to order another

Suddenly, he felt questing fingers sift through his
hair.  He arched his back, seeking more from the
person behind him.  Looking in the mirror, he saw a
familiar face and dark hair lean toward him.  In his
ear he heard a low, husky voice whisper, Truth or
dare, Bri.

In the mirror, shining dark eyes met glowing hazel
ones, and they smiled at each other before their lips