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 What is your opinion of Gale or Brian? Or Gale and Brian? If you'd like your opinion to be posted, fill out the form below in this order:
      Your name, E-mail(if you want), What you think of Brian or gale- please specify which you are speaking of! Don't be she Sexy gals and guys! Type away!!!

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Name: Eliana
What do you think of GALE: He is the best actor ever!!! The fact that he is astonishingly beautiful and a joy to look at is an added bonus.
What do you think of BRIAN KINNEY: Good question. I love him. I love his integrity, his way of acting, doing rather than saying, although it wouldn't hurt that once in a while he'd be able to say I love you, especially to Justin,who deserves to be told: See!! I've showed you that I love you, can't you see it?
I love his fashion style, he looks good in anything, but I go nuts when I see him in white and in an elegant suit with a shocking, only-he-can-wear-it tie


Joanne Genaro

What do you think of GALE:

Name: Brenda
What do you think of BRIAN KINNEY: I totally get Brian Kinney and totally identify with his personality. I see alot of myself in him even though I am female






Gale Harold is not only a great actor but the most handsome man that has come along in a long time