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Halloween 2004


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Halloween 2004

By: Savy

Topic: Horror/fiction

Rating: R - for Violence, Language and some sexual content.

Authors note: MIchael Does not belong to me. He belongs to John Carpenter... Damn.. Neither Does Brian or Mikey, though I wish so bad that they did!!!


 She was anticipating the day. The one dredded day of the year. How do you prepare for such an event? The thought made her shake and sick to her stomach.

It had been 6 years since he had came home. She knew this year he would return. She had studied him so much, Gone so in depth that she often lost herself in it. She had become so Obsessed with him. Friends werent sure if she feared him or if she was in love with him. Her Friend Brian, A beautiful Lad with Chestnut hair and eyes that constantly glowed, was quite fascinated with her obsession with him. How could one person dedicate so much time into learning about one man. But the girl herself had never got as close to him as she would have liked to. Just to touch him and caress him as she would drive his own knife into his stomach. She had got close... just not close enough.

Savy had asked Brian if he'd stay the night with her on Halloween. She warned him of the danger in it all and her intentions for Michael that night. Brian's best Friend Mikey tried to talk him out of it. But Brian wouldnt give. He loved Savy alot and although he often couldnt say it he often showed it instead. Savy loved Brian Alot too. They'd been bestfriends since they were Teens. Now there were in their late 20's. The only thing holding them back from Each other was Brians Sexuality. But Every now and then, he would go the other way for her.

Savy sat in Brian's Jeep and watched him talk with Mike. "I'm serious Bri, I dont want you to get hurt" He babbled on and on... When Brian finally put his index finger to Mikes lips and said "Mikey, I'll be fine". Mikes dark eyes turned teary. "I love you Brian" He said as he locked lips with him. "I love you too Mikey" He said getting in the jeep. Mikey Reached in and hugged Savy, she kissed his cheek. "Becareful" he said as they pulled away. She could tell He was worried and scared for the both of them. They both Loved Mike. Everyone loved Mike. He was the cute boy nextdoor who had the biggest heart in the world... He was Madly in love with Brian.. Who had his dick set on tricks and one night stands.

They pulled up to the house where they would be staying for the night. She had paid to have it all refurnished and put back together. It was his home. Michael's Home , where he killed his sister when he was only 6. Brian took one look at the house and shivered. They pulled their bags into the house. She grabbed Brian's hand and said "I want to show you something". She pulled him as she raced up the stairs and to the end of the hallway. She pulled him into a good sized room. "is this where we sleep?" He asked. She walked to the Vanity mirror and table against the wall. "Right here" She said looking into the mirror "He killed her right here." "Tell me more" He said as he stood behind her. She picked up a hair brush off the table . "She was sitting right here, Naked, Brushing her hair". "Naked!?" Brian Exclaimed. "Yes" She replied. "She had just fucked her boyfriend when he got to her". Brian Closed his eyes, picturing it all as she told the story. "She brushed her hair as the little boy crept into her room, with a really big kitchen knife. When she noticed him watching her, he slayed her....this place was a..." She said as Brian Cut in "Slaughter House". "Creepy" He said as he walked to the bed And threw himself down on it. "We're not sleeping in here" He said "Oh no... " She said "We're staying in Michael's room"

She showed Brian to Michael's room and as she walked into the room her eyes lit with excitement. But Brian could see through to the fear that she was feeling, That they both were feeling. The room, Was plane and simple.. Nothing Special. "His taste Seems boring" He said. She looked at him and said " I hope he heard that!" "FUCK YOU" he laughed but he laught in fright. This scared the absolute shit out of him. She reached out to touch a picture of him on the dresser when he pulled her back. "Is that such a good idea?" he asked, "Fucking with his shit. Leave it alone savy" He said. She grabbed the picture anyways. Brian sighed long and hard. "Its going in my collection" She said . "Your Collection?" He asked as he spun her around. He pulled the picture out of her hand and looked at it. "looks like a geek to me" he said . she locked her hands on his hips and said "This geek could kick your ass. Possibly Kill your ass!" "Oh....really?" he asked.

The bags were brought upstairs. They sat on Michaels bed. He was against the headboard, Her back was to him, sitting inbetween his legs as they wrapped around her stomach, the photo book on her lap. His head rested on her shoulder has they looked through it. "This is what he looks like now"She told him. She felt him become turned on as he pushed himself into her back alittle. Her stomach Tingled. "Why Brian! Are you holding back on telling me something!?". His arms wrapped around her stomach. He squeezed her alittle. "he turns you on! Brian!" She closed her eyes and shook her head alittle. "The mask is kinda Sexy" he said. She shook her head in agreement. He closed his eyes with her. "Why does he excite you?" he asked. She spoke Slowly and softly. "its... the man behind the mask. the man under the terror...the part of Michael that I know is dieng to get out. The part of him that could change the stories ending". "Yeah" he said. "I often Fantisize" she said as his tongue gently carressed her neck. "Feeling his hard body. .. Being able to get past the mask and to the velvety pink lips that I know are hiding behind it." she felt him grow harder pressing into her back. "Lead him to his bed...undress him..lay him down" "I know how it ends..." Brian said gently. "You make love. and just as you come you pull a big knife from under the pillow, his knife...and twist it into his heart." she sat quietly. His tongue could feel her pulse in her neck. She turned her head to his. "But thats just fantasy" she said. She untied him from her body and stood in the other side of the room looking out the window. "He's coming home Brian" She told him. "I know" He said softly.

"Does it scare you savy?" he asked softly as he walked to her. She took a very deep breath to hold back the tears that she felt building behind her eyes. She hated crying. Something she rarly ever did. "To the core" she said emotionless. he pulled her close to him. "Dont let it scare you. You are a very brave girl, the bravest I know. I'm very proud of you for that". he said. "What about you Brian, are you scared?"She asked. "My bones are trembling. But I will protect you" a tear fell down her cheek. "hey" he said as he gently wiped the tear, "Its ok to cry". She melted in his arms. How could she let something she knew so much about terrify her? They fell to their knees, as if they wanted to ball up together. She looked at him with red eyes. "He's a cold hearted serial Killer" he said "nothing more, nothing less." She looked hurt for a moment, "How can you say that? you dont even know him". He ran his long fingers through her blond hair and kissed her forehead. "He's the most brutal mass murderer in history" he added. Her head rested on his chest. "...want to sleep for a while." She said.

He sat at her feet as he watched her sleep. He had givin it time to sink in, all the terrible things that could really happen to them. He knew Mikey was worried and he thought about calling, then disregared the idea. She started to twich a bit and mumble. All of a sudden a loud scream. He jumped for her. her eyes opened and she gasped for air. Nightmares were common for her... she was a major insomniac.. "Are you ok?" he asked her as he sat her up. "you're sweating really bad, Look at how wet your shirt is!" She had a white shirt on and a white tank top on underneith. He pulled the shirt off her. She pulled the tank top off herself, it was soaked too. that left her in her black bra and short fringed shorts. She layed back on to the bed.Still breathing heavy. Brian's hand rubbed her leg. "you were dreaming of him, werent you?" he asked. He watched her lay there in her bra... she circled her finger around her belly button as his hand worked its way up her thigh. The straight part of him was surfacing. She sat up. He wrapped his arms around her neck. His forehead on her. Their lips not even an inch apart. "Brian" she said. "Help me live my fantasy". "Yes" he whispered. It was a crazy idea but he didnt care. Her lips touched his. Her tongue into his mouth, moving with his. She reached under the bed and pulled out a duffle bag. "Go put this on" she said. He went to the bathroom downstairs and opened the bag. His eyes got wide as he pulled out a gray jumpsuit and a white mask. He held it up infront of him and sighd. "Oh shit." as he examined the mask...michaels mask.

He looked in the mirror. What a frightful sight. The jumpsuit was a little big on him but the mask, it fit like it was made for his face. He looked close in the mirror. His fingers traced his reflection. "Don't freak yourself out Bri" . He told himself. He picked up the Cellphone off the back of the toilet. He dialed Mikey's Number. This would probably be the only chance he would have to talk to his faithful boy, after all she wanted it strictly to be just her, Brian and Michael. It rang two times and Mikey picked up. "Hey Mikey" he said "is Everything OK?" Mikey replied. "Haha You are not going to believe what she has me doing Mikey" "What??" He took a breath "I'm standing in the bathroom in a gray jumpsuit and a Michael Meyers mask" "HOLY SHIT Brian!" "yeah I know. She's waiting upstairs for me. She wants me to help her live out this fantasy of her's". Mikes voice got really serious "Yeah Until she loses it, or goes crazy on you or something. What if she goes too far, and she stabs you?? HUH? " "Mikey" "No. NO Brian, I'm coming Over" Brian got all shakey "No Mikey, You Cant" "No I'm on my way over". Brian put the phone down. He said to himself "Great Job Bri!" and pulled the mask back over his face. He walked up the stairs slowly. He heard music ( 10....kiss me on the lips... 9 run your fingers through my hair...8 Touch me... Slowly). He walked into the room, Candles were lit all around. He stood infront of her, of Coarse he didnt speak... only breath. She ran her hands slowly down the suit. She looked him in the eyes, such beautiful eyes. He was sweating liek hell behind the mask. It reaked of rubber from the inside. He swallowed hard as she pulled the Zipper down from his chest to his crotch. Revieling his naked Body. She felt his chest. On her knees to his cock. Of coarse he was hard... he Just hoped like hell that Mikey wasnt really on his way over and that Michael really wasnt coming home. She started to suck him off, slowly, her fingers teased as she did so. It took all he had not to moan, He just moved in rythm with her. When she was done, she pushed him to the bed. She pulled her shorts off and got ontop of him. Before he could reach for a condom she had already started moving. He tried not to explode inside of her, he didnt need another kid. But just as he was about to come he remembered seeing her take a pink pill before... He lost all control and let go. He shot off and as he did Mikey walked into the room. She reached under the pillow and as she did Mikey Pulled her off Brian. The Big Knife fell to the floor.

Mikey pulled the mask off Brian as he took deep, deep breaths , in shock that mikey was right, she was going to stab him. Savy started to cry, she felt like A Zombie, like Someone else had taken over her body. Or maybe what just happened felt all alittle too real. Brian reached for her and craddled her in his arms. "Its ok" he said. "I know this isnt really you". Mikey touched her shoulder and said "Now can we please get the fuck out of here". Just as she turned to look at him they heard the front door slam shut. "Fuck" Brian whispered. "He's come home" Savy said quietly. "This isnt over yet" she said picking up the knife off the floor. Mikey grabbed her wrists. "No, Lets just leave". She looked at him with a pale face and said "but its too late now.If I dont do this now, He'll find me some other time. And he knows about me. He's come just for me Mikey. Not You , Not Brian, For me. "

"We're staying" Brian said, "We'll help. wont let anything happen to you" he said as he kissed her on the lips.

"Lock this door behind me. I have to do this alone." Savy told Brian. "No- God you're not some Comic book superhero, you'll get yourself Killed" Mikey Whispered. "Just do it. I'll be ok". Brian grabbed his hands and told him "Really Mikey, she knows alot about this guy. We have to listen to her". She left the room leaving them locked in behind her. The Butterflies churned in her stomach. "MICHAEL" she yelled. Now there was no turning back, she had called for him. She had made it clear that she had stayed and was ready for the clutch. She walked down the hallway into his sisters bedroom. and to the window. "MICHAEL" she called again. And when she turned around, there he was, standing tall in the doorway. He walked close to her. She sat the knife down on the windowsil. He was weaponless and so was she now. "Michael" she said softly "I've waited so long for you" she wandered if he was understanding her or if he was planing on how to kill her. After all , this whole plan was just one big death trap.

"Let me touch you michael" she said as she reached for him. "Let me touch you, let me feel you". She wished so bad that he would say something. This was a big risk and she knew that at any moment he felt uneased he could end it all. She pressed herself against him. "Touch me" She told him as she guided his hands to her chest. Her left hand traced from his mid stomach to his crotch. She Fondled it as she reached for the knife with her right hand. Michael's hands released from her chest and slide down her sides, to right above her ass. She took a deep breath and as she did he brought his head down to rest it on her's. He was starting to come around. Starting to feel comfortable, and trust. "Oh Michael" she moaned "I've waited so long for you to come home. What took you so long?" He looked into her eyes and as he stared into them he could see the love she had for him inside. He felt emotions for once. Emotions other than hatred. He felt alittle love. But how could someone love such a horrible creature? Such an evil beast? "Dont Hate me for this Michael" she said as her eyes got dark and she drove the knife into his back to his stomach. She pulled it out and did it again and again until he fell to the floor. she watched until his eyes lost the battle to stay open any longer, his chest stopped moving in rythm with his heartbeat(if he had a heart). "Michael" she cried then scrame out for Brian. He ran to her. The tears flowing down her cheeks like he had never seen before. He picked her up and back onto her feet, but she soon fell back onto the floor, hovering over the lifeless shape. "It's over savy" Brian Said. "I killed him. I killed the man that I loved". "The Man that you feared." Mikey said. She kissed the mask he wore then reached for Brian.

Mikey packed Brian's Jeep up for them then kissed them both goodbye. Savy and Brian left the house too. In the jeep she used the phone. "Call the Cops" Brian said. She dialed the number. "I'd like to report an accident" She told them. "There is a man dead at 1499 grenwhich drive". "The old Meyers house?" the man on the other end asked. "Yes" Savy replied. "We just got a call on that 10 minutes ago from a man who was there tonight. We already sent someone out there" the man paused for a minute. "But Ma'm, There wasnt anyone there". She hung up the phone, out of shock she could not speak. She didnt have to, Brian could tell my the expression on her face. He looked at savy and said "NO WAY! END OF STORY!".