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At The Movies

By: Teri

At The Movies
NC-17 strong sexual content
Spoilers- none for QAF, but some for Spiderman the
Disclaimer- I do not own Brian or Michael, more's the
pity.  They are property of QAF and Showtime and
whoever else was in on their creation.  I'm just
borrowing them for a little bit to do nasty, wicked
things with them.oh wait, that's a whole 'nother
story.  This is for private entertainment only.
Archive- ATP and ALWAYS, anyone else, please ask

Brian takes Michael to see Spiderman.

Two men stood in the line at the concession stand,
moving with the shuffle of the crowd.  They made quite
a striking pair.  The taller one was bronzed and
golden, with hair the color of rich chestnut and eyes
of glowing hazel.  He moved with catlike grace.  The
shorter one had hair so dark it was almost ebony; his
eyes matched and held a mischievous sparkle.  His
smile was blinding and contagious it seemed, because
when his friend looked down at him, he smiled back.

"I can't believe you agreed to come with me, Brian,"
the dark haired man said.  He was just about bouncing;
he was so excited.

Brian tried to adopt a bored look but couldn't quite
do it because his friend was so happy.  "I can't
believe I did either, Mikey," he replied with a small

They reached the counter and got a large bag of
popcorn and some sodas, and started toward the
auditorium.  "We could have gone to Babylon instead,"
Brian commented, looking around to check out the

Michael rolled his eyes.  "Can't you ever stop?  Can
you at least wait until the end of the movie before
you start searching for your next trick?"

"You never know where or when something might come
up," Brian shrugged.  Michael stalked off.  Brian
quickened his pace to catch up with the smaller man.
"Mikey, don't be mad.  I'll behave, or at least I'll
try," he said with a grin.  Michael couldn't help but
forgive. After all, Brian was giving up a night of
debauchery and spending the time with him.  He sent a
stunning smile Brian's way, which made Brian pause. 

That was the smile, the smile that went straight to
Brian's heart.  The heart that he tried to pretend he
didn't have.  But somehow, Michael had always been
able to find it, even if he didn't know it.  

"....think Tobey Maguire will be okay as Spidey?" he
heard Michael ask.  "I'm afraid if they don't so a
good job on this one, the superhero movies will die
out."  They were making their way to their seats.  "I
mean," Michael continued, "Spiderman has been around
since 1962.  That's a lot of history to live up to.
If they screw this one up, a lot of people are going
to be disappointed."

Brian sighed.  "Spare me the Marvel lesson, Mikey.
Can we just enjoy the movie?"  He sat in the seat and
it rocked back.  "Hey, this is nice."  They had come
to the new multiplex at Michael's insistence, even
though Brian had argued that he didn't see what was
wrong with the theatre they had been going to ever
since they were kids.

"I told you it would be better."  Michael was giggling
at Brian as he sat down next to him, trying to juggle
popcorn, soda and candy.  After getting settled, he
lifted the armrest that separated them and scooted
closer to Brian. 

Brian wrapped his arms around Michael.  "This is very

Michael just sighed.  This was his favorite place to
be, in Brian's embrace.  He closed his eyes in
contentment, ignoring the slides of dancing hot dogs
and trivia questions that were being flashed up on the

"I can't believe you got jujubees, Mikey.  Who in the
world actually eats those things?"  Brian's voice got
Michael to open his eyes.

"I like to eat them at movies, you know that."  Brian
smiled.  He did know it.  Michael had been eating the
gummy candy at movies since they were in high school.
But he knew Michael would react to the teasing and he
wanted, no needed, to see the dark liquid pools that
were Michael's eyes.

The house lights dimmed and previews began to roll.
Brian listened to the sounds echoing around him, the
crackling of wrappers being opened, people whispering,
teens giggling.  How long had it been since he had
taken the time to enjoy a movie with his best friend?

The opening theme song boomed from the speakers.
Brain felt Michael perk up a bit.  He grinned in the
darkness.  This was Mikey's world.  A world of
superheroes and comic book geeks, a world where the
bad guys were glaringly obvious and good always won
over evil.  This was the world he could retreat to
when reality became too harsh to face.  Brian knew
that Michael didn't realize he was a true to life good
guy.  Michael was the true-blue friend, the guy who
never let you down, and Brian knew he took advantage
of that all too often.  He gave Michael a little
squeeze.  In the faint light from the screen, Brian
saw Mikey smile up at him.

Soon both men were involved in the action that
flickered in front of them.  Brian had to admit the
movie was good.  At one point he whispered into
Mikey's ear, "Parker would be better off chasing after
Harry than that insipid little MJ, don't you think?"

"Sshh..." Michael hissed, then grinned up at Brian
with that 'jeez, Bri' roll of his eyes.

Then the bad guy appeared.  The Green Goblin was
destroying a celebration.  Brian, once more observed
Michael's reaction to the film.  His eyes were wide
open, unblinking.  He gasped when Spiderman swung from
his web onto the scene to save the day.  And, Brian
noticed, he had a raging hard on, underneath the
jacket that was laying across his lap.  Brian had
teased him earlier about bringing a jacket since it
was so warm outside, but Michael had explained how
cold he would sometimes get.  It was just another
thing that hit home with Brian about how long it had
been since they had done this together.  But now,
Brian wasn't complaining about the jacket, he had
plans for it.

Oh so slowly, so Michael wouldn't notice too much,
Brian slid his hand over onto Michael's lap.  So far
so good, Mikey was too engrossed in the movie.  But as
soon as Brian's hand reached his destination, the
ridge behind Michael's fly, Mikey's eyes shot to

"Just watch the movie," Brian whispered.  He saw
Michael swallow hard, nod once, then turn his
attention back to the screen.

Deftly, Brian opened Michael's pants, slowly inching
the zipper down.  When he reached inside, he heard
Michael's soft sigh.  Long fingers wrapped around the
shaft, while Brian's thumb rubbed in the drop of fluid
at the tip.  Michael burrowed deeper into Brian's
embrace.  Slow strokes up and down had Michael

"Sshh..." Brian warned.  His other hand was caressing
Michael's cheek, when the smaller man did something
totally unexpected.  He slipped Brian's index finger
into his mouth and started gently sucking on it.  It
was Brian's turn to gasp.  He matched his motion to
the rhythm of Mikey's warm mouth.  His hand moved
faster on Michael's cock.  He could feel Mikey
stiffen, his muscles tense, preparing for his orgasm.
Michael bit down on Brian's finger, and moaned as he
came, white hot light exploding behind his eyelids.
Brian felt the throbbing as warm liquid spilled out
onto his hand.  He stroked slowly, bringing Mikey back
down to earth.

Michael looked into Brian's eyes, glowing with warmth.
 Reaching up he pulled Brian's lips down for a soft,
quick kiss.  "You're gonna miss the end of the movie,"
Brian murmured against Mikey's lips.

Turning back to the screen, they were just in time to
watch the final battle between Spiderman and his
archenemy.  As expected, good triumphed over evil.
But it was the final scene that bothered Brian.  The
heroine confessed her love for the hero and he turned
away.  The reason of course, being that he didn't want
to put her in danger.  But sitting in the darkened
theatre, holding Mikey in his arms, with a trace of
remaining evidence of pleasure on his fingers, it
occurred to Brian that his own super hero might react
the same way when he finally decided to profess his
love.  What if he waited too long?  What if Mikey just
got fed up with waiting and went on with his life,
leaving Brian behind?

The closing credits rolled.  Michael turned to Brian
and frowned at the troubled look on his friend's face.
 Was he regretting what had happened during the movie?
 Michael was still floating a bit from his earlier
release.  "Are you okay, Bri?" he asked tentatively.

Brian's expression cleared and he smiled at Michael.
"Yeah, I'm fine.  Let's get outta here."

Walking down the sidewalk, Michael went on about the
film, not noticing right away that Brian's answers
were monosyllables.  But soon he realized that Brian's
mind was elsewhere, and they continued on in silence,
one thinking about the movie and one thinking about
his future.

Brian stopped.  Michael went on a ways before he
missed his friend.  He turned, seeing Brian standing
in the middle of the walkway, gazing at him.  He was
about to speak, when he heard Brian's voice, low and
husky with emotion. 

"I love you, Michael."

Michael walked back to Brian.  "Me too," he replied as
he was walking.  But his steps slowed.  The look on
Brian's face stopped him.  It was full of longing,
need, love and fear.  His mind wrapped around the
words that Brian had spoken.  They were his words; he
was always the one to say them.  But Brian had said
them, for the first time in sixteen years.  Michael's
eyes searched Brian's face, looking for...something.
Trying to see if his dream was actually going to come

Brian's heart fell.  Mikey was rejecting him.  He knew
it by the way Michael was just standing there, eyeing
him like he was crazy.  He had waited too long. 

But then Michael was in front of him, wrapping his
arms around him, tilting his face up for Brian's kiss.
 It was slow and sweet, full of years of yearning.
When they parted, Michael smiled up at Brian, the
smile that made Brian's knees go weak.

Later that night, their limbs intertwined, Michael
spoke.  "It wasn't what I expected."
Brian cocked an eyebrow.  "I guess I though I would
hear trumpets...or bells...something," he finished
with a blush.

"The heavens opening and rays of light shining down,
music and doves?" Brian teased.

Michael lightly punched Brian.  "Don't make fun of me!
 I just didn't think it would be"

"Quiet?" Brain asked.  Michael nodded.  "Neither did
I."  He could feel Michael's smile against his chest.
"But maybe, it's better that way," Brian continued.
"Maybe that way we know it's real.

"By the way," Brian added,  "doesn't X-Men 2 come out