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Two Sides Of The Same Sword

 BY: Teri

Two Sides of the Same Sword
NC-17 for language and sexual content
I do not own Brian or Michael. If I did...oops,
sorry...The characters of QAF are owned by CowLip and
Showtime.  I'm just borrowing them for this fic and
will return them no worse for wear.  Okay well, maybe
a little worse for wear...This is for private
entertainment.  No profit is being gained from this.

I wanted Michael to get mad at Brian and express

"Get the fuck outta my life, Brian!"

Brian watched as Michael stomped out of the bar.  He
had done it again.  Pain had flashed in Michael's eyes
before he had turned away.  He didn't know why he did
it.  Well, deep down, he knew; but didn't want to
admit it, even to himself.  Because once he did, he
would have to admit it to everyone around him, and
that just wasn't an option right now. 

But he was ready to chase after Michael.

Brian found him outside on the sidewalk, headed toward
the diner.  "Mikey, wait!" he shouted, breaking into a
jog to catch up to his friend. 

Michael heard the shout, but ignored it.  His pace
quickened.  He didn't want to talk to Brian.  Brian
would give him that sexy smile and he would melt,
forgiving everything.  Not this time.  He wanted to
keep a hold of his anger, nurse it, watch it grow;
wanted to get angry enough with Brian to push him out
of his life forever.

But he knew that wasn't the truth.  Pushing his hands
deeper into his pants pockets, he acknowledged it.  He
loved Brian with his whole being; always would.
Nothing Brian did would ever change that.  But that
didn't mean he had to make it easy on Brian.  The man
got away with entirely too much, and Michael wasn't
going to let him get away with this without suffering.

Brian caught up with Michael.  Grabbing his arm, Brian
spun the smaller man around.  "What the hell's wrong
with you?"

"Wrong with me?" Michael asked incredulously.  He
jerked his arm from Brian's grasp.  "You're the
bastard, Brian!  You think you can control my life!
Well, I have news for you!  I can dance with anyone I
want!  I can kiss anyone I want!  I can fuck anyone I
want!  You have no right to interfere!"  The more he
shouted the more the anger grew inside him.  "And you,
of all people, should not object to me picking up a
trick now and then, considering you have screwed all
of Pittsburgh!"  He turned to walk away before Brian
could respond.

Brian stood frozen to the spot.  Michael was really
mad.  Brian couldn't remember ever seeing him this
angry.  And certainly, Mikey had never spoken to him
quite like that.  Trailing slowly after Michael, he
went over the events that had led up to now...

The whole gang was at Woody's.  Michael and Brian were
shooting a game of pool, while Emmett and Ted were
more into spectator sports.  Justin wasn't joining
them tonight due to the late shift he was pulling at
the diner.  Michael looked hot, as always.  And Brian
realized that he was not the only one to notice.  A
guy across the room was eyeing his friend rather
intensely, but Michael hadn't noticed yet.

After the last ball had been sunk, Michael decided to
head to the bar for another beer.  That's when the man
made his move.  Brian looked over at Mikey, trying to
get his attention.  Standing entirely too close, the
guy was whispering in Michael's ear.  The blush
staining Michael's cheeks, the self-conscious smile,
the sparkle in the deep brown eyes, told Brian that
whatever this guy's line was, Michael was falling for
it.  A muscular arm around Michael's waist started to
lead him away from the bar.

Brian saw red.  Who did this guy think he was, hitting
on Mikey like that?  There was no way that this was
going to happen.  Walking up to Michael, he had thrown
an arm around his neck, murmuring something in his ear
that brought that beautiful smile to Michael's face.
After that, all it took was a possessive, sly smile
directed at the trick to make the guy back off.  

And Michael erupted.  Every head had turned toward
them when Michael's voice rose above the din of the
crowd.  Emmett's jaw had dropped to the floor, while
Ted wore an ecstatic expression.  And Michael had
stormed out, leaving Brian to face everyone by

It became apparent that the diner was not Michael's
destination; he was headed home.
'It wasn't anything I hadn't done before,' thought
Brian as he continued to follow Michael.  'Why was it
different this time?  Why did Mikey lose it tonight?'
The questions whirled around in Brian's head until he
grew dizzy just trying to figure it out. 

He looked up to see Michael enter the house.  Michael
would stew about this; turning it over and over in his
mind until it drove him crazy.  Deciding that wasn't
going to happen, Brian tried the doorknob, found it
locked.  He smiled.  A locked door was not going to
keep him out.  He lifted the garish looking squirrel
statuette that sat by the door and retrieved the key

He silently let himself in.  The house was quiet until
he heard something upstairs crash and then a shout of
pain coming from the direction of Michael's room.  He
crept toward Michael's door, and slowly opened it.

Michael was sitting on the bed, rubbing the knuckles
on his hand.  Brian winced.  He had caused his Mikey
so much pain; was there a way to fix it?  He didn't
think his usual routine was going to work this time.

"Michael?" he said softly.

The hatred in the dark eyes that met his hit him like
a blow to the gut.  Brian couldn't help it; he took a
step back.

"What are you doing here?  Can't you just leave me the
fuck alone?" Michael screamed.  "Haven't you done
enough for one night?  You just have to come and make
me even more miserable?  Isn't it enough that I'm
alone?  You have to follow me and remind me how
pathetic I really am?"  He shot off the bed and tried
to slam the door on the hazel eyes shining at him.
"Get the hell outta my house, before I call the cops!"

Michael's tirade sparked Brian's temper.  Here he was,
coming to apologize, which in itself was huge, and
Mikey wouldn't let him get a word in edgewise.  He
threw his shoulder against the door and pushed it
open, gaining access to the room.

 "You little prick!  You're gonna listen to what I
came to say, even if I gotta chain you to the bed to
make you!" 

The image that flashed through his mind made him pause
momentarily.  The visual of Michael, naked, chained to
the bed and waiting for whatever he wanted to do,
caused his cock to grow rock hard in an instant.  He
shook his head to rid himself of the vision, but the
damage was done.  He had to ignore it and continue.
"Is this because of that asshole that tried to pick
you up tonight?"

Michael paced the small room.  "How do you know he was
an asshole?  Did it ever occur to you that I didn't
care?"  He was still shouting, still angry with his
best friend for his blindness.  "Did you ever think
that maybe I wanted to fuck his brains out, just for
the hell of it?"

 "He wasn't good enough for you, Mikey," Brian stated

Michael whirled around to face Brian.  "You arrogant
bastard!  Who are you to decide who is good enough for

"I'm your best friend!"

"A lot of good that does me!  I'm fuckin' horny!  I
don't need a best friend!  I need a fuck!  So unless
you are willing to accommodate me, get the hell out!!"
 Michael turned his back on Brian, embarrassed by what
he had just said, and afraid of what else he was
liable to say.  He waited, motionless, his head bowed,
to hear Brian's exit from the room.  But that's not
what he heard.

"I'm not leaving."

Michael's head came up.  He kept his back to Brian.
Does he realize what he's saying, Michael wondered. 

"I'm not leaving," Brian repeated, with a little more

Michael launched himself at Brian, all the anger and
rage that he had inside him changed into pure lust.
His lips locked onto Brian's, while his hands gripped
the taller man's shoulders.  Brian set his hands on
Michael's lean waist and let him take the lead.  The
kiss was voracious, unlike any other kiss they had
previously shared.  It was primal, demanding,
dominating.  Michael's mouth attacked Brian's,
claiming and conquering.  Their tongues parried with
each other's, teasing and tasting.  Hands ripped at
clothing, seeking and searching.  No resistance was
allowed; Michael was not going to allow Brian to
change his mind.

Greedy hands skimmed over heated flesh, as they
stripped each other.  Brian gasped as Michaels' lips
started to wander over his body.  A moan escaped him
as he felt Michael's teeth sink into the tender skin
at the base of his neck.  Michael's mouth moved lower,
latching onto the pebble hard nipple he had found,
sucking and nibbling, swirling his tongue around it,
and then moving over to its twin to lavish the same
attention on it. 

Michael looked up, dark eyes glittering.  He tugged on
Brian's hand, pulling him to the bed, pushing him down
onto the mattress.  Covering Brian's body with his
own, his lips, once again, found those that had
haunted his dreams.  Blindly, he reached to the
nightstand, fingers searching for what he needed.
Brian thrashed under him, moaning, pleading.

Brian was frantic.  Michael's touch was setting him on
fire.  He didn't know how much more he could stand.
Then he felt Michael's finger questing, seeking
entrance.  It slid inside, wringing a gasp from
Brian's lips.

"Foreplay is over, Bri," Michael murmured.  "Time to
fuck."  He felt like the conquering hero as he slid
into Brian. 

Brian bit back a moan as Michael started thrusting in
him. He wasn't going to last long. 
Stealing his gasp for breath, Michael's lips crushed
his, a velvety soft tongue exploring the deep recesses
of Brian's mouth. Warmth surrounded his cock, the
smooth skin of Michael's palm caressing the rock hard

"Open your eyes, Brian." 

Feverish dark eyes studied shimmering hazel ones.

"I want to see you come."
Teetering on a precarious edge, Michael's voice, and
the feel of Michael's body, kindled the hot explosion
that convulsed Brian's body.  Holding tight, he rode
wave after wave of pleasure.  Michael shuddered, but
never broke eye contact as he erupted, a hoarse shout
wrung from deep in his chest. 

Collapsing on Brian, Michael gasped for breath.  He
could feel Brian's fingers slowly sifting through his
sweat soaked hair.  Neither one spoke for quite a
while, content to lie in each other's arms, gentle
caresses lazily tracing patterns on each other's skin.
 Brian was the first one to break the silence.

"Does this mean that I'm forgiven?"

Michael propped his head up on his hand so he could
see into Brian's eyes.  "That depends."

"On what?"

A heart-stopping smile made Brian's insides melt.
"Are you going to do it again?"


Disappointment shone in Michaels' eyes until a tender
kiss erased it.  "I don't plan on letting anyone touch
you, except me." 

"That goes both ways," Michael warned, after they
broke apart, gasping for air.

Brian nodded.  Michael felt a chuckle vibrate the
expanse of naked chest under his hands.  "What's so
funny?" he asked.

"What got into you, anyway?  Didn't realize you were
such an animal," Brian teased.

Michael shrugged.  "Isn't there a saying that goes
something like...Hate and love are two sides of the
same sword?"

Brian cocked an eyebrow.  "I think it's two sides of
the same coin.  But I like your version better,