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Sarah's Story

 By:  Teri

Sarah's story- for Kim
Rated nc-17

discalimer-  I do not own Brian or any other QAF
characters.  This is for fun an no profit is being
made.  Sarah, however, is mine.
Archive- please ask
AU- Brian meets someone interesting.

"C'mon, Sarah," the dark haired young man said to the
blonde standing next to him.  "Babylon awaits!"  He
took her hand and pulled her through the door into a
strange new world.

"Marc!" Sarah shouted into his ear, "Is it really okay
for me to be here?"  Her friend just smiled in answer
and pulled her out onto the dance floor.

Pulsating music swirled around Sarah as she was
pressed up against Marc by the crush of people
gyrating to the sounds of techno disco.  Strobe lights
illuminated the crowd.  It was the wildest scene she
had ever experienced and Sarah loved it.  Marc wrapped
his arm around Sarah's waist and they moved together,
obviously comfortable with each other.  Sarah grinned
up into Marc's face.  They had been dancing together a
lot lately.
He leaned in close to her and asked, "How does it feel
being the only female in the place?"

Sarah threw back her head and laughed.  "Very strange,
indeed.  It's too bad that I won't get to take
advantage of any of these hotties," she said, looking
around.  Marc chuckled and just pulled her a little
closer.  Sliding his leg between hers, they begin to
writhe against one another in a sensual rhythm.

"Hey, is that a woman out there?"  The incredulous
question came from one of a group of guys standing at
the railing, looking down at the dancers. 

A tall, thin, flamboyantly dressed man exclaimed,
"Why, Ted, I think you're right!  It is a woman!  What
is she doing in here?  Tonight's not dyke night!"

Another of the group, this one with dark hair and a
brilliant smile, tapped the shoulder of his friend who
was standing with his back to the floor.  "Brian,

"What, Mikey?" he answered in a bored voice as he

"She's kinda pretty, isn't she?  For a dyke?" Mikey

Brian, a man with chestnut hair and glowing hazel
eyes, spied whom his friend was talking about.  It
wasn't hard; she was the only woman in a club full of
gay men.  "She's not a dyke," he stated,

"How can you tell?" Mikey asked. 

Brian watched the tall blonde dance with her partner.
"No dyke would dance with a guy that way, even if the
guy's a fag."  His eyes narrowed as he continued to
watch her.  He felt a familiar feeling settle in his
groin.  'What the hell?' he thought.  Since when was
he attracted to women?  But he was too well acquainted
with this feeling to not know what it was:
attraction, want, lust.  But a woman had never, ever
sparked this reaction in him. He tried to shrug it
off.  'Must be the drugs, or maybe I drank more than I
realized.'  But the growing tightness in the front of
his jeans was hard to ignore.      

"She sure does know how to move," the flamboyant one
sighed.  "Makes a lot of these queens look terrible."

"Yes, she does, Emmett," Brian purred.

Michael turned at the sound of his best friend's
voice.  He saw the familiar light in Brian's eyes.
"What are you doing, Bri?"

"Nothing that concerns you," he replied sarcastically
as he pushed himself away from the rail and headed to
the dance floor.  He needed to find out what this was
all about.

Michael, Emmett, and Ted watched as Brian made a
beeline through the crowd to where the woman was.

Sarah heard Marc moan, "Oh no."

"What?" she asked.

"Brian Kinney is headed this way."  Marc turned his
full attention to Sarah.  "Maybe he'll keep walking
passed us."

"Who is Bri..." Sarah started to ask but was
interrupted by a man insinuating himself between her
and Marc.

"Can I cut in?" his voice growled.

Marc backed up a bit.  "Sarah, this is Brian Kinney.
Brian," he added some emphasis,
"my best friend, Sarah."

"Don't you have someplace to go?" Brian asked Marc
without taking his eyes off Sarah.

"Sure," he answered.  "Be careful," he mouthed to
Sarah.  She nodded once.

Brian looped an arm loosely around Sarah's neck.
"You're a great dancer." 

"Thanks," she said.  "You were a bit rude to my
friend, don't you think?  Do you know him?"

"I know everyone in Babylon," he replied casually.
"And yes, I was rude, but I don't have time for small
talk.  If I see something I want, I take it."

Sarah was confused but didn't ask any more questions.
She had come here to dance, to have a good time, to
forget what had happened the last few days.  Brian
took her arms and wrapped them around his neck, and
then pulled her hips into his.  Together, they fell
into a slow bump and grind that soon had Sarah
melting.  She gazed up at the man that moved against
her.  He was unbelievably gorgeous.  His hair fell
over intense eyes, and framed a face that would be
angelic if he didn't have so a sinful expression.  He
had a lean frame but she could feel the muscles moving
under the tight black t-shirt he wore as they danced.
Black jeans hugged a sculptured ass and muscled
thighs. And right now, she was riding one of those
thighs as they danced.

Brian's three friends watched from the rail that he
had vacated.  "I can't believe he's out there dancing
with her," Michael stated.

Ted and Emmett watched the couple sway to the beat.
"They do move well together," Emmett observed.

"Yeah, but she's a girl!" Michael exclaimed.

Ted sighed.  "But Michael, look at them.  Look at
everyone else."  Michael noticed that a lot of the
crowd around Brian had stopped to watch them dance.
Ted continued, "Brian has to be the best, look the
best, and have the best.  Tonight the best dancer in
the room is that girl, and Brian had to be with her."

Michael's sigh conceded the point to Ted.  "It just
doesn't seem right."

Down on the dance floor, Sarah had lost herself in the
man that was holding her.  She could feel every inch
of his body pressed against her, including the
impressive ridge of his erection.  "Do you want to get
out of here?" she heard him murmur in her ear.

Her eyes bright, she nodded, and wordlessly followed
him off the floor.  They headed towards his friends,
and stopped briefly.  "You'll have to catch a ride
with Ted and Emmett, Mikey," Brian told the small,
cute one.  Sarah smiled at him, but Mikey just
glowered at her.

"Brian, do you know what you're doing?" he asked.

Sarah watched as Brian kissed Michael full on the
mouth.  "It's none of your fuckin' business, Mikey.
But it sure is mine," he said with a smirk aimed at
Sarah.  With that he drug her out of the club to a
Jeep parked nearby.  He opened the door with a
flourish,  "Your transport to heaven has arrived."

Sarah giggled.  "We'll see about that," she said

On the ride to wherever it was that they were going,
Sarah decided to ask the question that was bugging
her.  "I'm not quite sure I understand.  You are gay,
aren't you?  Sometimes it's hard to tell, but I
figured every guy in there was."

Brian cast a sidelong glance at the woman sitting next
to him.  "Yes, I'm gay."

"So why..." Sarah started.

"I'm not really sure," he said, mostly to himself.  He
could feel her eyes on him.  "I'm not sure," he
repeated for her benefit, "but for some reason I think
you are really hot, and I guess curiosity got the best
of me."
Sarah turned in her seat to get a better look at him,
to see if he was teasing.  He didn't seem to be.
"Well, I guess I can understand that."  Her eyes
drifted to the bulge behind the zipper of his jeans,
and from somewhere, a boldness swept through her.
"Hopefully your curiosity will be appeased."  Then she
grinned at him, "And I can guarantee you the best blow
job on the east coast," she said suggestively.

"That's a mighty big boast."

Sarah reached over and placed a hand in Brian's lap,
massaging him.  "You'll just have to wait and see if
it's an empty claim."

Brian steered the Jeep to the curb.  "Not for long."
He pulled her out of the vehicle, and practically ran
into the building.  As soon as the elevator door
closed, Brian crushed her up against the wall and
claimed her mouth with his own.  Sarah felt like she
was being devoured.  The man seemed to throw his whole
being into the kiss.  She clutched his shoulders as
his tongue invaded her mouth, rubbing against hers,
until she captured it and somehow sucked on it and
twirled her tongue around it at the same time, while
she moved her hands to his back, to feel the muscles
move under her fingertips. 

Brian tore his lips away, and panting, leaned his
forehead against hers.  "Wow," he breathed.  "That was
amazing.  Where did you learn that little trick?"

"Wouldn't you like to know?"  The elevator came to a
stop.  "That was just a preview," she said as she
walked passed him but trailed her fingers across his
chest as she did.  She smiled to herself as she heard
his sharp intake of breath.

Brian let her into his loft.  "You've got a great
place, Brian."

"Thanks."  He took her hand.  "Let me show you the

"You don't waste any time, do you?"

He pulled Sarah's hips flush against his.  "No, I

They were behind screens that shielded the low bed
from the rest of the living space.  Blue neon bathed
the room on an eerie glow.  Once again, Brian
possessed her mouth.  Sarah slid his tee up and Brian
aided by raising his arms.  Taking the shirt from her,
he dropped it on the floor.  Sarah's eyes widened as
her hands skimmed over the smooth bronze skin.  "You
are a beautiful man, Brian Kinney."

He smiled, acknowledging her compliment, then moved
her hands to the button on his jeans.  "I believe you
have a claim to substantiate."

"The best blow job you've ever had," Sarah stated.

Brian smiled.  "I'm waiting."

Sarah knelt in front of him and opened the button.
The rasp of the zipper moving down sounded loud in the
quiet apartment.  Slowly, she slid the denim and the
silk underneath down Brian's thighs and pushed them to
his ankles.  She drew a sharp breath as his cock was
revealed.  "This is going to be a challenge," she
whispered without taking her eyes from it.  She ran
her fingers lightly up the shaft, and then trailed a
pink fingernail over the tip.  Brian flinched.  She
ignored it and concentrated on what was before her.

"No teeth," she heard Brian say.

She looked up, past his dick to his bowed head.  "I'm
gonna do this my way.  And teeth can be a very, very
pleasurable part of it."

"You bite me, and I'll choke you," he growled.

"I'll take my chances," Sarah murmured as she once
again turned her attention to the task she was about
to undertake.  She briefly had doubts about her
abilities.  This man had probably had more blowjobs
than a leaf blower; her work was cut out for her.

She wrapped her fingers around the shaft and her lips
around the head simultaneously.  Brian gasped.  Sarah
swirled her tongue around the satiny smooth tip.  She
felt his hands bury themselves in her hair and apply
pressure to her head, trying to make her hurry.  She
shook her head slightly to make him realize that she
was not going to let him control it.  Slowly, she
inched her lips down the thick shaft.  What would it
feel like to have it inside her? She wondered.  As she
reached the base of it, she rubbed her tongue along
the entire length, slowly working back up to swirl
around the tip again.  On the next trip up, however,
she let her teeth scrape gently over his skin.  His
moan let her know he enjoyed it.  Soon, though, she
was done teasing and started sucking in earnest.

Damn, she's good, Brian thought as she started her
ministrations to his throbbing dick.  Her mouth was
warm and wet, her tongue very talented.  But when she
bared her teeth, he lost all thought; the shock of
pleasure burned everything else out of his brain.  All
he could do was feel.  Feel her mouth and lips and
tongue working over him.  The girl had more suction
than a Hoover. 

The muscles in his body tightened, telling both of
them that he was nearing his climax.  Sarah
intensified her actions.  Relaxing her esophagus, she
swallowed and felt him tap the back of her throat.
Her hands dug into Brian's ass, holding on, waiting
for the eruption.

When Brian felt his cock go down her throat, he fisted
his hands in her hair.  One more hard suck and he was
gone, lost in an explosion of white heat.  A long, low
moan escaped from him as he plunged into her and
emptied into the warmth of her mouth.

Sarah felt his hands grasp her head, heard the sound
of his pleasure.  Salty, sweet, his essence shot into
her and she instinctively swallowed.  Her lips stayed
wrapped around him and gently constricted around his
shaft, milking him. 

For a few moments they stayed still, willing their
bodies to calm.  Sarah looked up from her kneeling
position, up into hazel eyes, which were aimed down at
her.  She self-consciously licked her lips.  Would he
be happy with her performance?

Brian cleared his throat a bit.  He saw the question
in the blue eyes looking up at him.  "Sarah..." And
then he saw her expression fall, anticipating his
disappointment.  He wasn't sure why but it brought out
the deeply buried protective side of him.  He needed
to reassure her that everything was okay.  "Sarah..."
He kneeled down, so they would be on more of the same
level.  "I don't know where you learned to do that but
it was amazing."  Her smile was instantaneous and
contagious; he had to smile back.  Cradling her face
in his hands, he leaned in and kissed her hard,
tasting himself in her mouth.  The sensation made his
cock twitch.

Sarah had mentally breathed a sigh of relief.  Brian
was pleased, and he was kissing her again, that whole
being kiss he had treated her to earlier.  She could
feel liquid pool between her thighs.  More than
anything she wanted to have him relieve the ache she
was experiencing. 

"So," Brian said, "are we gonna fuck?"

"Oh yes," Sarah breathed.

Brian lifted her and stripped her of her clothing.
Although he was not necessarily attracted to women, he
did appreciate their beauty.  His eyes wandered over
her form.  A slender neck eased into rounded
shoulders.  High, rose tipped breasts made her waist
look amazingly tiny as her hips flared beneath it,
then down into long shapely legs.  And Sarah was a
natural blonde, he noticed.  Her translucent,
porcelain skin glowed beneath the neon.  He touched
her shoulder, to see if her skin was as soft as it
looked; it was.    Her eyes closed at his touch.

"Brain, please," she whispered.  His answer was to
push her down on the bed.  She lay on her stomach and
Brian knelt between her legs.  He trailed his palm
down her spine; feeling her shiver, then let his
fingertips slide over the curve of her ass.  Blood
rushed to his cock. He sheathed himself in a condom
from the bowl beside the bed and added some lube. 

Sarah waited impatiently.  His touch down her back had
surprised her.  It was incredibly tender, but fanned
the flames inside her even further.  Finally, he
covered her body with his own.  She turned her head,
looking over her shoulder at him.  Bracing himself on
his elbows, he claimed her mouth, sliding his tongue
past her teeth to mate with hers.  Her back arched as
he slid into her, impaling her.  He captured her gasp
with his lips.

Sarah marveled at the feeling of having Brian inside
her, but brain function ceased as he started
thrusting, slow and deep.  Sarah knew that her climax
was not far off.  Her moans synchronized to his

She was hot and wet, wrapped around him.  Her muscles
gripped him every time he entered her, as if not to
let him leave.  He tried to go slow, for her sake, but
soon couldn't help it; he pounded into her.  His
plunges now took on a wild aspect.  He could feel
everything in him poised for release.

"Yesss..." Sarah hissed, as Brian sped up his pace.
"Faster...Fuck...harder..." she encouraged him.  "Fuck
me Brian...fuck me..."  She panted, trying to catch
her breath as she felt the pressure build in her
center.  "I'm gonna come," she moaned. 

"Do it," Brian whispered in her ear.  "Come.  Come for
me."  It was enough to push her over the edge.  She
exploded, crying out.  Her body shook with the force
of her orgasm.  Hers set off his.  With one final
thrust, he erupted into her, shuddering as her inner
muscles throbbed around him.  He collapsed on top of
her, his warm breath on her neck. 

But as suddenly as he did, he was up.  "It's time for
you to go."

Sarah peered at him from the sheets.  "Still don't
like to waste time do you?"  She glanced at the clock.
 "But you're right.  It is time for me to go."  She
rose and started getting dressed.

"You mean you aren't going to get all sloppy and
sentimental?"  He was truly puzzled.  He figured all
women would get all weepy and emotional after sex.

"Why would I do that?"  Sarah asked, smiling.  "This
was just a fuck, wasn't it?"  She frowned.  "You
didn't think we would...that I wanted...Brian, I'm not
looking for a relationship.  If I was, I sure wouldn't
start the search at a gay club!"

"Of course not."  Brian was relieved.  "It was nice
though, Sarah."

"Yes, it was," she agreed.  "Maybe I'll see you
around?  Even though I don't want you as a boyfriend,
I wouldn't mind counting you as a friend," she said as
she walked toward the door.

Brian stopped her with a touch on her arm.  "I'd like
that," he told her in a moment of complete honesty.

Sarah smiled, leaned in and gave him a lingering kiss.
 "I'll be seeing ya', Brian Kinney."

As the door closed after her, Brian had a slight smile
on his face.

Two nights later...
Brian was back at Babylon with his friends, Michael,
Emmett, and Ted.  They had gotten beers and were
leaning on the rail above the dance floor.

"Isn't that your little dyke friend, Bri?" Michael
asked, pointing to a familiar blonde head.

Brian looked out and spied Sarah.  "Mikey, once and
for all, she's not a dyke."  Then he added with a
grin, "Yeah, that's her.  Excuse me guys."

"Not again," Michael groaned.

"Oh, let him have his fun, Michael," Ted soothed.
"From what I can tell, he's still the same old Brian."

Brian snaked his way through all the hard bodies and
finally found his way to Sarah and Marc.  "Can I cut
in?" he asked Marc, before sliding between them.

Marc grinned at Sarah.  "Of course," he said as Sarah
squealed at threw her arms around Brian's neck.

"Brian!  How are you?"  She gave him a resounding
smack on the lips.

"I'm just fine, and you are just drunk," he stated as
he caught a whiff of alcohol."

"Yes, I am!  Ain't it wonderful!"  Sarah danced as she
kept hold of Brian.  "I'm celebrating!"

"Celebrating what?" he asked with a smile.

"A week away from my horrible ex!" Sarah shouted.

"Can a friend help you celebrate?" Brian shouted back
over the pounding beat of the music.


"By the way," Brian yelled in her ear, "you were
right."  Sarah looked at him questioningly.  "Teeth
can be pleasurable."  Sarah broke out in laughter and
Brian joined her.

Music swirled around them as their bodies moved
together.  And up above, the guys on the railing
watched, jealous just a little bit of the joy Brian
and Sarah seemed to be sharing.