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Couldn't Wait

Couldn't Teri
Rated x explicit sexual content
Archive- ATP and ALWAYS, anyone else, please ask
disclaimer- I do not own Brian or Michael
unfortunately.  This is for fun and non profit.

This is just a pwp. If you want a story, look
somewhere else, you want sex, continue on!

They had barely got inside the loft when Brian slammed
Michael up against the wall.  His body pressed against
the smaller man, his lips locked onto Michael's.
Their tongues engaged in a  desperate thrust and
parry, teasing and sucking.  Brian pulled his mouth
away from Michael's, gasping for breath.  "Oh god,
Mikey...I need..."

"I know..." Michael breathed.  He pressed his palms
against Brian's chest pushing him away, then reversing
their positions, rubbing himself against Brian.  His
nimble fingers started opening buttons that ran in a
line down Brian's chest.  "Too...many...clothes..." he

Brian wholeheartedly agreed.  He slid his hands under
the tail of Michael's shirt and tugged it over his
head.  Pushing Michael away, he reached for the
buttons on his jeans.  Michael mimicked his movements.
 Without taking their eyes off one another, they
quickly shed the rest of their clothing.

Brian tackled Michael, both of them falling to the
floor.  They devoured each other, lips seeking every
possible inch of skin they could find without either
one letting go.  Brian rolled over onto his back,
taking Michael with him. 

Michael instinctively ground his hips into Brian's,
the friction of their cocks rubbing together causing
Brian to moan.  "Fuck...Mikey..."

Michael put his lips to Brian's ear.  "Yeah, fuck
Mikey..." He then trailed his tongue down Brian's
throat, continuing downward until he latched onto a
flat nipple.

Brian's back arched up off the floor.  "YES!" he
shouted as he felt Michael's teeth sink into his skin.
 He rolled over, once again leaning over Michael.

Michael shuddered at the banked fire in the hazel eyes
pinning him.  Brian moaned at the small movement of
Michael's body as it passed though his.  "I need" he demanded.

"Bed...need...bed..." Michael gasped.  Suddenly bereft
of Brian's weight, he felt himself pulled up and
tugged up the stairs.  Stumbling, he cried out, but
Brian was there to catch him.  Strong arms wrapped
around him, lifted him and deposited him on the bed.

Brian looked down from where he stood at the foot of
the bed.  Michael, naked, on his bed, it was a fantasy
come true.  "Brian," Michael pleaded.  Brian knelt on
the mattress, then he was on all fours, creeping up
Michael's body like a jungle cat on the prowl.

He didn't say a word as he reached Michael's lips.  He
couldn't get enough of them, soft as a kitten, sweet
as candy, Brian sucked and nibbled on the rosy treats.
 Michael's hands were everywhere on his body, urging
him to continue.  He ignored the fire streaming
through him, letting it build to an inferno, content
for the moment to be sipping from Michael's lips.

"Brian," Michael whispered against the mouth that
seemed intent on devouring him.  "Please..."  He
lifted his hips in invitation, punctuating his plea. 

But Brian wasn't ready yet, the fire wasn't hot
enough, it would only burn him, not consume him.  He
worked his way down the sexy body that writhed
underneath him. Ignoring the tempting cock that nudged
his cheek, he kissed Michael's inner thigh, almost to
his goal.  His hands slid under Michael's ass, lifting
it up to his mouth, his tongue searching and finding
it's target. 

Michael screamed when Brian touched his hole, washing
the pucker with the tip of his tongue.  He didn't
think he could get any harder, but he did.  His shaft
stood painfully at attention.  "Brian," he croaked,
his voice hoarse with need.  "Fuck me..." 

Michael's hand started to creep to his own cock but
Brian pinned it down.  "No," he hissed, then resumed
dipping his tongue into Michael's entrance.  His body
was crying for release, but he ignored it,
concentrating on Michael's ass.  Changing from tongue
to fingers, he prepared Michael for penetration.  A
scream of frustration reached his ears, Michael was so
close.  So was he.

He raised his head up and stared into the deep
fathomless pools of Michael's eyes.  "I love you,"
Michael breathed.  Brian nodded his head once,
realizing that is what he had been waiting for.  He
covered Michael's body, kissed the bruised lips.and
thrust in.

Michael screamed again as Brian speared him.  Long
sensitive fingers grasped his shaft, sliding up and
down.  Michael thrust upwards into Brian's hand, as
Brian plunged downward. 

They matched their rhythm to each other.  Each one
trying to reach fulfillment.  Brian gasped as
Michael's muscles tightened around his throbbing dick.
 "God...oh god Mikey..." Brian panted.  "Fuck
yeah...just like good..."  It was so warm,
so wonderful to be inside Michael.

Michael was going to explode.  "Don't...stop..." he
moaned, "Fuck...yes...Brian..."  He could feel it in
his toes, all the way into his rock hard cock, which
Brian's hand was still stroking.  Suddenly it was
there.  "Aaaagghhhh!! Bri-an!" he wailed.  Michael
erupted, spewing onto their bodies.  He trembled and
shook, the force of his orgasm wracking his frame.

Brian felt Michael spasm around him.  A final thrust
inside the tight passageway and Brian was following
Michael down the spiral of climax.  "Ungh..."  He
shuddered as he emptied himself into Michael.  He
could feel Michael's hands, skimming over his back as
he rode out his pleasure. 

Slowly, their breathing returned to normal.  Brian
slid out of Michael, and gathered him up in his arms.
Michael rested his head on Brian's chest, his fingers
tracing patterns on the smooth skin.  "Bri?" he

"Yeah, Mikey?"

"You didn't use a condom."  Michael's worry was
evident in his voice.

Brian stayed silent, causing Michael to squirm.
Finally Brian spoke, softly.  "I'm clean, Mikey."
Michael rose up and started to say something, but
Brian laid a finger gently on his lips to hush him.
He smiled slightly at the question in Michael's eyes,
and nodded.  "You are it for me, Michael Novotny,
always and forever," and sealed that with a searing

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